Dominion of Suneye


The Dominion of Suneye was once a oligarchy ruled by the Dragon Conclave, and assembly of five progenitor ancient dragons from which the dragonborn race derived. During the Age of Dragons in ancient times, these progenitor dragons brought propsperity, wealth, and power to the Dominion, but that would soon come to an end. Selling their souls for power, an empire of corrupted humans (not yet known as Tieflings) grew in strength. Allying themselves with demons and devils, these humans sacrificed their very humanity in exchange for boons from the nine hells. Growing so strong that even the demons they bargained with could not hold them, the tiefling empire of Mael Garath sought to conquer the world and the Dominion of Suneye with it.

And so started the great Dragon Wars, a war which was to last over a thousand years. In the end the progenitor dragons were all killed, but the tieflings were defeated and their capital sank into the earth – its magic no longer sustaining it.

The Dominion of Suneye never recovered from that great war. Although the dragonborn continued to thrive, disagreements and infighting were common as the wisdom of the great Dragon Conclave no longer guided them. Although the great progenitor dragons left behind offspring, all but a young green proved too wild and difficult to rear without their aid, and so were set free into the world. The red, green, white, black, and blue dragonborn devided themselves on racial lines and built their own cities. It was decided that the right to rule should be held by the most powerful, and so a contest of sorcery called the Tournament of Dominion was to take place every four years to decide who was to rule and high emperor. And so it has continued for hundreds of years and would have for hundreds more but then came the winds of change.

Over the course of a decade, the prevailing winds switched direction. Each year that passed brought with it decay and death. The forest and plains receded west, and in their place came the great desert like a crawling title wave from the east. The crops failed, and the rains never came. Famine and sickness swept over the Dominion, forcing the great races of dragonborn to abandon their ancient homes and build new ones. With the desert thrust upon them, they rebuilt their cities where they could – under the earth where several subterranean rivers were found. Although they divided themselves again, the dragonborn were brought together during these difficult times, an era which came to be known as the era of solidarity.

During this period the dragonborn, as a single nation, recovered. As the populace grew, so did the nations wealth, power, and prestige. That young green that was born so many years ago, Jaemaranad had by now grown mature and wise. Guiding his people from the southernmost city in the Dominion – Jade City (the city of green dragons) – his people regained their strength, wealth, and power. Those humble cities that were built under the earth grew larger and richer each day, as did the intelligence and wisdom of Jaemaranad. They soon became so tall beneath the sands that they broke through them, like flowers breaking through the earth to reach the sun. Pools of civilization within a sea of sand, every city gleamed like a jewel in the otherwise barren Great Desert. But again, the hardship was to return.

On the Lavender Day the Dominion of Suneye would have change forced upon it again. As the planar boundaries broke and writhed, a great rift was torn open between the Far Moon and middle world at the centre of Jade City. The land wreathed, becoming twisted and deformed and so too did the people. Some fled narrowly escaping exposure and managed to survive the chaos, but many died. Those that somehow survived direct exposure either became consumed with madness or were transformed into strange perverted monstrosities. Countless creatures spewed forth from the rift into the middle world. Mind flayers, aboliths, beholders, and other such monstrosities gained easy entry onto Seath. Those that fled the region described great roars and howls of terror thinking Jaemaranad dead or dying, but destiny chose to spare his life that day. The same could not be said for his body or mind – permanently deformed by the Far Moon.

To make matters worse, as the world shook, the once powerful river that fed life into the desert grew languid and so water became scarce. The green dragonborn refugees were turned away and cast into the world as each city could not bare to lose even a drop of their precious water. The great strife brought back the infighting, political turmoil, and trouble that had plagued the Dominion all those years ago. And so it was decided, the tournament of sorcery was to return but it would no longer decide the ruler of the Dominion. Instead, it would decide who would be high iperator, leader of the newly established Council of Dominion, as well as which city would receive the greatest supply of water. The subterranean rivers that fed the four remaining cities had but a single source, so the grandest and magnificent of reservoirs, Cobalt Reservoir, was built at its mouth.

Within its great walls are the flood gates that channel the flow of water accordingly throughout the Dominion. Every four years the Tournament of Dominion decides which city’s water level rises highest, and hence which city propers most. Although acquiring water is possible through trade and other means and has become easier throughout the years, the waters that run from the Cobalt Reservoir are coveted most. The Tournament of Dominion is at the centre of dominion life and culture, with each city selecting those young that display the powers of sorcery and rigorously training them. Each of the four remaining cities, Crystal City, Sapphire City, Ruby City, and Onyx City has its own academy of sorcery as well as its own style. Although many magical, religious, and martial disciplines are studied and practiced within the Dominion, only sorcery commands the attention of the people in this desert land.

Dominion of Suneye

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