Aror's Enclave


Named after the now famous warforged artificer Aror, Aror’s Enclave was once a part of the Dominion of Suneye. This piece of land earned its name 130 years ago when Myleena of Balasar, daughter of the high-imperator Balasar the Third (also known as Balasar the Gracious) was stricken with a mysterious heart disease. After the dominions’ healers failed to cure the condition, Balasar began seeking healers from other nations, at great expense to his home, Ruby City.

Although a few healers came from Elevar and Ankor Duraz, the vast majority of them arrived from Alsland. As each new doctor from Alsland arrived with an extravagant bill and promises of a fix, both Myleena’s and the city’s wealth steadily declined, plummeting the city into debt with alslandian financiers.

Overhearing the tale and believing she could help, Aror escaped slavery under the Sellspell Wizards Company in Alsland and travelled east eventually reaching Ruby City, capital of the Dominion of Suneye. By the time Aror arrived Myleena was on her deathbed; her condition worsening daily. With the insights she gained working under the Sellspell Wizards and with her own innate talents, Aror managed to cure Myleena by replacing her heart with a magically constructed one. Explaining to the emperor that she had no place to return to, having just escaped from slavery, Balasar agreed to give her a piece of land to rule over at gateway to the dominion. In exchange for this, he asked only that she protected it from Alsland whose loan he did not recognize and refused to pay.

Since then, Aror has created a sanctuary for slaves of all kinds and has vowed to protect them from their overseers, earning her the ire of many powerful elites, especially in Alsland. Outcasts and slaves across Seath sing songs of Aror’s Enclave and dream of one day reaching its golden gates. Although the many hymns, tales, and choruses praise its beauty and magnificence, the city-state’s splendor stupefies even those with the highest of expectations.

After having recovered from his city’s economic woes, Balasar, and after his death, Myleena, had the city adorned in gold, jade, and other rare gemstones. The city gleams in even the darkest of nights, which has earned it the epithet: “the glowing city”. Minarets wrap around each other and spiral to great heights over the tight and winding streets of this desert city, assuring those that pass through its gates of the splendours to be found within the Dominion of Suneye.

People here are of a virtuous quality and are particularly warm and caring, mirroring Aror’s uncharacteristically deep sympathy and compassion. Crime is almost non-existent as most of the town’s residence are former slaves or patients of Aror’s eager to affirm themselves as helpful and trustworthy. Those seeking aid will easily find it in abundance. In exchange for her services Aror asks only that you return her kindness to those seeking it – a basic tenant that governs the caring people of the enclave.

Although mercenaries hired by alslandian financiers have tried assault Ruby City by way of Aror’s Enclave, such attacks have been proven quite unsuccessful as the city sits in a strategically advantageous choke point at the end of Aureate Pass – the only known trail from Panpeer to the Dominion of Suneye. In addition to it’s strategic location, Aror’s Enclave boasts perhaps the finest and most devoted guard on Seath, the Jade Column.

Aror's Enclave

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