The human country of Alsland, boxed in between the Shadeland in the south, the Witchlands in the north, the Maelstrom Sea in the west, and the Mith’Gor Mountains in the east, is first and foremost a nation of merchantry . As the richest country in Seath, first-class citizens enjoy some of the finest luxuries from around the world: personal flying ships, steam buggies, automatic doors, and warforged servants are all commonly found throughout Alsland. However, every coin has two sides, and for every pleasure found here one can also find a pain.

Dominated by Crown City (the biggest city in all of Seath), central Alsland is a place belonging to the low-middle, middle, and upper class of the citizenry. Although most people work long, hard days they enjoy a relative amount of freedom and spend their free time enjoying themselves. The city is fantastically cosmopolitan – every race on Seath is represented here, as are goods and services from every part of the world.

The rest of Alsland is a place of hardships, conflict, strife, slavery, and war. Life outside of Crown City is characterized by factory work or mercenary work. A large proportion of people here are slaves and those that are not are generally forced into slave-like conditions by the many debts they own. Factories dominate the landscape. From smelting factories, to manufacturing factories, to food processing factories – everything is done on a huge industrial scale. Worker conditions are bad. Besides the pollution, many workers suffer strange health deteriorating effects due to working in proximity to powerful magic their entire life. Those not working in factories work as mercenaries for one of the few large mercenary companies. Some work as guards and other as soldiers. Raids into the Witchlands are common in the north, and occur frequently on a very large scale. Although mercenaries sometimes do strike at bandits hiding within the Shadeland, rampant superstition and the Plague Rain keep most of these forces out.

Although ostensibly a democracy, many believe that Alsland is an oligarchy controlled by the richest corporate leaders of which the Sellspell Wizard Corporation is the most powerful. These powerful elites wield riches unimaginable to most. With a vast amount of resources at their disposal, few are foolish enough to toy with their likes. Some speculate that the most powerful of these leaders have formed an organization bent on world domination called the Spinning Coin, although generally these claims are rejected as a conspiracy theory.

Settlements and Adventure Sites

Crown City
Cosmopolitan Metropolis; Population ~3,000,000

Composed of five large wards that encircle each other, Crown City houses the vast majority of the populace of Alsland and is the greatest metropolis in all of Seath. This enormous cosmopolitan city is a veritable melting pot of people and technology which makes for an incredibly eclectic mix of culture, architecture, and religion. Almost everything can be purchased here – for the right price (even the law some would say).

The Sellspell Wizard Corporation is everpresent in the city. The many technologies without which the city does not function – self-rising platforms, floating bridges, self-lighting street lamps, giant rain-activated floating automatic umbrellas, teleporting buildings, automatic heating – are all products of the Sellspell Wizard Company. These many magical technologies and enchantments are powered by a giant power plant located at the center of Crown City within the Sellspell headquarters.

The plant works by channeling pure elemental energy through various power-paths throughout the city. Lightning springs from antennas atop many of the cities buildings. Pure fire surges through subterranean pipes, as does high-pressure water providing. These elemental pathways, dubbed power-paths, connect the entire city to the Sellspell Headquarters and are responsible for keeping those essential magic and enchantments functioning. That elemental energy is supplied by motes of raw elemental power, which are mined outside the country and imported.

Besides large-scale city magic and enchantments, all sorts of mundane and everyday items are infused by Sellspell enchantments like self-lighting candles, healing armor, quick growing food, stay-sharp knife sets. Although hand-crafted wares are quite common, a large proportion of items here are created on a large industrial scale. The many magic-powered forges, smiths, and factories found outside Crown City, from which these products emerge, ensure that a dense smog often blankets the city throughout the day, reminding city dwellers of the cost of their lifestyle.

The coin can be said to be the focus of life here. Whether it be for the accumulation of wealth, or the repayment of debt, making money can be accurately described as the primary pastime, perhaps even central obsession of the citizenry. Class separation is thoroughly apparent in Crown City. Each segment of the population will generally do what it can to distinguish itself from those regarded as inferior. For instance, expensive elven jewelery, the newest alchemically-powered steam buggy, new designer garments, or an entourage of warforged bodyguards are some ways the upper classes distinguish themselves from those below.

Apart from the obsession with wealth and the incredible cosmopolitan nature of the populace, people here are otherwise rather normal, polite, and generally amiable. Although the ignorance of the outside world is common, the citizenry of Crown City harbor no strong ill-will towards any nation except the Witchlands. Responsible for several acts of “terrorism”, the people of the Witchland are painted as savage blood-thirsty warlocks and witches. A strong public relations campaign by the government and a few corporations has firmly implanted into the minds of many of the poorer youth the necessity of eliminating the Witchland threat. Everyday, large mercenary corporations gather more into their fold, preparing for that eventual day when the cruel northlander terrorists will be defeated.


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