Welcome to The Cosmoscape Chronicles campaign setting. The campaign is a work in progress and thusfar has not been fully flushed out or edited so don’t judge me too harshly! The Chronicles take place on the continent of Seath in the world of Aerth – a place of breathtaking magic, awe-inspiring technology, bloody war, and byzantine politics. On Aerth turmoil is all around. Peace and prosperity are everywhere threatened; the setting is rife with opportunities for the foolhardy and courageous. Whether they by ancient evils, forgotten relics, tyrannical rulers, or inter-dimensional warfare, adventurers will have their fill.

Central to the setting are the four other planets of the cosmos. The planets are always close, and their effects are always felt. All one has to do it look up into the sky in order to marvel at their splendour; the Feywild – green and brilliant, the Shadowfell – grey and dead, the Far Moon – purple and dull, and Tel’Moray – golden and speckled. Rifts, slips, worldfalls, and portals exist that can allow travellers to easily pass into these worlds and others quickly and sometimes even unknowingly. Creatures and races from across these planets, as well as the astral sea and the elemental chaos, populate the world in abundance.

The middle world itself is deeply affected by the position of the planets along their orbits. Nights and days are gloomier when the Shadowfell is near, in contrast to those days when the Feywild is close. When the Tel’Moray, the realm of dreams, reaches its perigee dreamers know to pay attention for portents and visions. When the Far Moon is close the laws of nature and luck reverse themselves – good people act evilly, evil-doers suddenly act benevolently, and coin flips land on edge. Each plane orbits the middle world in different ways, creating different patterns of effect that scholars, mathematicians and sages study diligently. Every plane of existence has left its mark on Aerth, and specifically on Seath. Whether one seeks Githyanki Pirates, or Shadar’Kai merchants, you’ve come to the right place if you’ve come to Seath.

Another important thing that I wanted to include into the campaign is a very persistent sense of fantasy. The world should never seem common, in fact, in Aerth even the common is fantastic. Although you might come across steam buggies, power plants, guns, cannons, as well as trains fairly often while campaigning on Aerth, each has its own unique and fantastic twist. Steam buggies use eversteam – liquid collected from the 9 hells, while power plants extract energy from motes of pure lightning or fire. Guns and cannons fire stored mini-fireball spells, and trains sometimes float off the ground and can travel through planar portals.

As far as the mood and context for the setting, imagine Seath as a fantastic version of Europe during the age of discovery/enlightenment. Some parts of the continent are pushing the frontiers of science, while others are living just as they had hundreds of years ago. Political and religious organizations are as varied as race and culture on the continent. This great diversity has lead to a great tension and uncertainty about the future. It is clear for most that Seath is poised at the edge of a new era, one which will undoubtedly be wholly different than the previous one. But whether that future will be for better or for worse, no one can tell.

Hopefully you enjoy playing in this world as much as I’ve enjoyed dreaming about it! Tell me what you think, and most importantly share your ideas with me! I’m open to suggestion and criticism – be brutally honest; I can take it!

Hopefully you guys enjoy what I’ve written.

The Cosmoscape Chronicles